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Bodybuilders have known for years it’s the ultimate muscle growth-inducing secret…

The Pump

Discover how you can use its anabolic effects
to build the physique you’ve always wanted…

Bust through plateaus and ignite new muscle growth with this proven bodybuilding technique.

A former Mr. Olympia's jealously guarded training secret to gaining 1/8" on your arms... each and every arm training session!

Discover the most important muscle growth secret of all the great physique stars.

The jealously guarded secret revealed by Arnold as the "key" that unlocks the door of massive muscle growth!

Discover how you can easily incorporate this into your workouts today to trigger gargantuan gains in muscle size.

Dear Friend,

The life of the human body is in the blood.

If any part of your body loses its connection to the blood supply, it starts to die.

The opposite is also true. A healthy connection to the blood source allows any part of the body to live and thrive.

One of the functions of the blood is to deliver nutrients to the body necessary for growth. For bodybuilders, this is especially important. Adequate blood flow ensures the nutrient support that promotes the growth of muscle tissue.

The importance of "the pump" dawned on bodybuilders a long time ago. So much so that the word "pump" itself has been associated with bodybuilding for many years now.

So let's take a look at the importance of the pump and its role in muscle growth.

How Necessary is The Pump for Muscle Growth?

Bodybuilders have known for decades how important the pump is for muscle growth.

Arnold even revealed over 30 years ago that the pump was one of his secrets for building his massive physique.

How important is the pump for muscle growth? Let’s look at an example:

Many Olympic weightlifters and powerlifters train for increases in muscular strength and power… but don’t have the muscle mass of most bodybuilders. Why is that?

It's simple. Their style of training does not produce a pump like the training a bodybuilder does. They get stronger… but not a lot bigger.

That’s why bodybuilders have known for years that consistently getting a good pump in the gym is crucial for muscle growth.

Those who do not get a pump from their training are unable to attain their full size potential.

Here's How The Pump Helps You Build Bigger Muscles…

Blood benefits your muscles in two ways:

First, it carries nutrients to the working muscles. Second, it acts to remove waste from the same area.

When you get a pump, that process goes into overdrive. You get more nutrients into the area you’re training… and you remove more waste from the region.

Both of these processes are vital for building muscles. The more consistently you get a pump… the more growth you can expect.

Once you understand the importance of the pump for muscular growth, it's essential for you to maximize your pump on a consistent basis.

So for maximum muscle mass, the formula is simple…

Get A Big Pump If You Want Big Gains

To maximize your gains it's best to get as full a pump as possible in a relatively short time frame.

Here's one way to do that:

Once you start getting a pump, rest just long enough to catch your breath between sets and hit the muscle again before the pump starts to diminish.

Make it a goal of getting a maximum pump for each muscle group at least once a week.

Mr. Olympia's Jealously Guarded Secret
For Getting Bigger And Bigger Pumps

To keep progressing, try to take your pump higher and higher each training session. Here's a simple way to do that I learned from Larry Scott, the first Mr. Olympia:

Let's use arms for this example. (Every bodybuilder wants bigger arms.)

Write down the best measurement you’ve ever gotten on your arms when pumped to the max.

Let's assume the best you've ever taped is 16 and 1/8 inches.

On your next arm training session you’re going to shoot for 16 � inches. (An extra 1/8 of an inch is about all you can reasonably expect from session to session.)

Your goal is to get the best pump possible with the least amount of sets and reps. I recommend you keep your reps in the 6 to 8 range. That will allow you to handle some fairly heavy weights while still getting in enough sets to get a good pump.

You can also do a few partial reps at the end of each set. Larry Scott calls these "burns." They're pretty intense so only do a couple burns on your last set or two of each exercise… NOT on every set.

So after your training session you measure your arm and it measures 16 �. You achieved your goal of an extra 1/8 inch pump this training session!

This makes you feel motivated so you decide to do another set.

After cranking out the last reps and feeling the pain (and pleasure) of the lactic acid burn and resulting pump… you measure your arm again only to discover it has gone down to 16 1/8.

Bummer! It actually shrank! What gives?

You've done one set too many… but it feels like your arm is bursting! You can’t believe it has actually taped less than it did just one set ago, but it’s true.

It's a common mistake. You've over-trained by one set. It's impossible to tell by looking and you definitely can't tell by feel… but the tape doesn't lie.

The tape will tell you the magic number of sets that will give you the best possible pump. Don't do too many sets and don't do too few. Let the measuring tape be your guide.

With a little experimenting, you'll get more sensitive to the exact number of sets you need to perform in order to get the maximum pump possible.

This growth secret isn’t restricted to just arms. It can be used on all body parts with equal success. Once you're familiar with this process, it will help you get the maximum possible pump at each training session.

Nutritional Secrets For Bigger Pumps

There are also some nutritional secrets you can use to manipulate your body into producing bigger pumps. It's simple if you know the secret.

Let me explain one of the most powerful ways I've discovered to enhance your pump.

Nitric oxide is a free form gas that is produced in the body and is used to communicate with other cells in the body.

Nitric oxide (NO) consists of one atom of nitrogen and one atom of oxygen. The production of nitric oxide occurs when enzymes in the body break down the amino acid L-Arginine and convert it into another compound called L-Citrulline.

Nitric oxide (NO) has a vasodilating effect on muscle tissue that is very similar to what occurs in the genital region when one takes Viagra or Cialis.

"Vasodilating" means that the body responds to nitric oxide by opening the veins, arteries and capillaries like little flood gates. This vasodilation over-fills the muscle with nutrient dense blood to produce a huge pump… much bigger than could normally be achieved without NO.

Bottom line… Nitric Oxide induced vasodilation results in killer pumps in the gym.

How To Get Bigger Pumps With Nitric Oxide

If you supply your body with the raw materials necessary to produce the release of nitric oxide before your workout, the vasodilating effect will kick in and your veins, arteries and capillaries will allow more blood flow than normal.

When you combine that with a good pump-inducing workout (like I described earlier) - the muscle group you're working will pump up much bigger than it normally could without this extra release of nitric oxide.

And that causes a whole host of growth-inducing things to happen.

First, this extra rush of blood to the muscle triggers a highly anabolic effect known as an "osmotic response."

An osmotic response is an increase in blood and accompanying growth potentiating nutrients within the muscle cells. This is just like increasing the air in a balloon. More air in the balloon means a larger balloon. More water and growth nutrients in the muscle cell means a larger cell.

This triggers a survival mechanism that tells the stretched cell wall to increase in thickness to accommodate the osmotic response. The fancy scientific term for that is "hypertrophy." Or more simply... bigger muscles!

Second, the physiologic response to nitric oxide causes extra muscle fiber trauma when the blood engorged muscle is subjected to intense weight training. Greater injury to the muscle is a result of increased internal pressure (the blood engorged pump) within the muscle when muscle fibers rub violently against each other during training.

This increased trauma signals the body to produce a condition of "overcompensation" within the muscle fibers. Overcompensation causes the body to increase the size of the muscle cells and the amount of stored glycogen within the muscle. And all this, once again, means bigger muscles.

Third (and most exciting!) when the vascular system floods the damaged muscle with powerful nitrogenic and protein synthesis stimulating compounds, massive physiologic changes in the muscle take place.

Some researchers have even theorized that this can cause muscle cell "hyperplasia."

"Hypertrophy" (like I explained a minute ago) is the increase in SIZE of the muscle cells. Hyperplasia is when muscle fibers split and new satellite cells are formed to actually cause an increase in the NUMBER of muscle fibers.

This is pretty exciting stuff for bodybuilders.

Not only can we get BIGGER muscle cells… but also possibly increase the NUMBER of muscle cells. A combination of BOTH of these physiological processes could result in…

Exponential Increases In Muscle Mass!

The powerful capability of nitric oxide to produce and sustain a pump and induce rapid muscle growth has been well-known for years… but its true potential has not been realized until now.

A.S. Research Labs has just released a new product called NitroGain which blends a state of the art mix of nitric oxide enhancing and cell volumizing nutrients.

NitroGain starts with a combination of two ingredients that have a synergistic effect on nitric oxide release. (Synergistic means both ingredients work together to provide exponentially greater results than either ingredient could by itself.)

Most nitric oxide products released over the past few years have only included Arginine AKG to act as a precursor to nitric oxide.

But nitric oxide products featuring Arginine AKG exclusively can only give you HALF of your potential pump-enhancing and growth-inducing results!

Research shows Citrulline Malate not only is the direct precursor to nitric oxide, but also increases blood serum Arginine levels more efficiently than L-Arginine itself!

NitroGain takes this documented research and has developed a highly effective power-packed muscle pump and endurance agent containing both Citrulline Malate and L-Arginine AKG.

But we didn’t stop there.

We also added cell volumizing L-Taurine that supports a sustained muscle pump. You’ll leave the gym feeling great with a pump that will last for hours!

And NitroGain contains Alpha Lipoic Acid which supports nutrient transportation, cellular uptake and ATP production. This makes sure your cells get the full potential of the extra growth inducing nutrients flooding your muscles.

It also incorporates Vanadyl Sulfate, further maximizing muscle pumps and overall vascularity.

But to be 100% certain that you’ll get the maximum possible results quickly with NitroGain…

We Advanced The Nitric Oxide Technology Even Further

Getting results from a nitric oxide product depends on how much your body can absorb and utilize from the formula you take. Tablets, regular capsules and powders are all slow and can’t be completely absorbed and utilized by your body. You get some results, but nowhere near as good as it could be.

NitroGain uses a highly effective delivery system, developed and patented by a leading pharmaceutical company, to insure 100% of the nitric oxide inducing ingredients get delivered and absorbed for maximum results.

This proprietary delivery system utilizes a pH controlled liquid softgel allowing rapid and complete absorption to ensure more strength, endurance and improved recovery times.

This cutting edge liquid softgel technology eliminates the roadblocks to absorption and utilization that other nitric oxide products have suffered from. The pre-dissolved nitric oxide boosting molecules in NitroGain's liquid softgels rapidly go through your stomach and small intestines before entering your blood stream intact and ready for action.

The difference in results is enormous.

Here's What You'll Experience With The Precise Formulation And Cutting Edge Delivery System In NitroGain…

Forces rapid increases in muscle size and maximum pumps. You'll get quicker muscle growth, faster strength gains, more pronounced pumps and fuller muscles with "roadmap" veins.

Enhances and prolongs the "muscle pump" you get during and after training. Your pump will last for hours!

Helps shuttle growth-supporting nutrients to the working muscles while helping to remove metabolic waste by-products for maximum pumps and rapid recuperation.

Take NitroGain 30 minutes before you work out and its pre-dissolved nitric oxide boosting molecules will shuttle blood, nutrients and oxygen directly to the muscles you are training. The pump, fullness, strength and stamina you’ll experience will have you feeling and looking great... and motivated more than ever to train to your fullest abilities.

Immediately floods muscles with pump-inducing vascular expanders. Within 77 seconds after taking NitroGain, diffusion is initiated and the process of flooding your muscles with the power of NitroGain has begun. With NitroGain, your muscles are saturated with the vital anabolic nutrients they need to grow.

Liquid softgel delivery system renders all nitric oxide products made of tablets, regular capsules and powders old and obsolete. Our advanced liquid softgels rapidly go through your stomach and small intestines before they enter your blood stream intact, ready to fuel their pump-inducing effects.

And that's just a small "taste" of what’s in store for you.

It’s taken more than 3,700 man-hours of research and testing to refine the formula in NitroGain to give you the kind of results you want as a bodybuilder and athlete.

I cannot stress enough how powerfully (and quickly) NitroGain can affect your life.

One of the biggest advancements we made in the development of NitroGain was the way it transports its pump-producing ingredients. This cutting-edge delivery system is what sets NitroGain apart from all other NO products. Our advanced "injection-like" delivery system allows rapid and complete absorption to ensure you get fast results.

Here's more about what NitroGain can do for you…

Regular nitric oxide supplements are limited by their inferior and slow-acting formulas. The advanced formula in NitroGain begins to diffuse in 77 seconds to deliver an intense surge of nutrient-rich blood to your muscles… causing rapid and dramatic increases in muscle size and vascularity.

No side effects. No bloat, no stomach cramps, no fat gain - just rock-hard, swollen muscles.

Completely opens up the blood vessels which feed the muscle… allowing the increased inflow of blood and nutrients to stretch the muscle cell and force it to hold more muscle-volumizing nutrients.

NitroGain speeds up the post-training recovery time necessary for overcompensation and muscular growth. Faster recovery from training means faster growth.

Improved workout capacity. You'll feel a surge in energy and can workout harder than ever… without leaving the gym feeling beat up and run down.

Increased sexual vigor. NitroGain can also increase blood flow to the genital region. Many people experience an increase in sexual desire and stronger erections.

Many athletes experience an improvement in cardiovascular function and aerobic endurance. With NitroGain, you'll perform aerobic activities and athletic events with more power, energy and stamina.

How Long Does It Take
For NitroGain To Work?

Let's face it. Natural supplements don't usually kick in and start working as quickly as pharmaceuticals.

But even though NitroGain is a completely safe and natural nutritional supplement… it works pretty darn fast!

Here's what you can expect when you start taking NitroGain:

Week 1 - Your body is in a nitric oxide loading phase. Have patience… but prepare yourself for what’s about to happen. You'll soon start to experience the initial signs of "muscle swelling" and full body pumps. You'll also notice the beginning effects of an increase in your strength, recuperation and endurance.

Week 2 - At some point in week 2, you’ll start to see and feel the power of the NitroGain-induced transformation. During week 2 your strength, recuperation and endurance should noticeably increase. Your muscles will become visibly fuller and much harder.

Week 3 – You'll feel your skin tightening around your muscles and your vascularity will become greatly increased. If you have low body fat levels, you’ll start to display "freaky" vascularity. You should be experiencing rock hard, full body pumps that feel like they last all day long. Your recuperation will seem almost immediate and your strength and endurance should skyrocket. Your gains in lean mass should be unmistakable when you step on the scale. All your gym buddies may start asking what you're "on."

Week 4 And Beyond - You should now be achieving new levels in lean mass and muscularity that most bodybuilders are never able to reach. If you think your progress is good, hang on… the NitroGain transformation has just begun.

Now you can start seeing and feeling rapid results for all your time and effort in the gym.

No more walking out of the gym feeling like you shouldn't have trained in the first place. No more waiting days, weeks, or months with no visible results.

All of that's about to change starting with the very first serving of NitroGain. Get ready for maximum returns on your training investment.

NitroGain goes to the absolute limit, surpassing all other NO products and providing the ultimate in absorption, muscle pumps, strength and endurance. It's pharmacologically engineered to exert its most powerful effects so you can reap the maximum gains from your training time.

It's Time You Experienced The Gains
You've Always Dreamed About…

You know that genetically blessed guy at the gym who always looks big, pumped and defined?

You know the one. He makes it all look so easy — as if he gains from every workout… in spite of his haphazard training and diet?

And he always looks great, always seems to enjoy his workouts and leaves the gym looking pumped and huge.

There's no sense envying him — because you're about to experience it, too!

Once you know (and do) the insider secrets revealed in this report, the things you used to hate about bodybuilding no longer matter:

The "hard gainer's curse" no longer applies to you…

Training goals that frustrate the heck out of all the other guys at the gym become child's play for you…

Training routines that scare other bodybuilders half to death are like a walk in the park for you…

Having enough muscle mass and strength is no longer a worry for you…

And all the things other guys in the gym can only wish for are now within your reach.

It's a really good feeling! And you can have it, too.

Look, if I haven't convinced you by now that NitroGain is a must-have supplement in your bodybuilding arsenal, I never will.

So let's get started...

A single bottle of NitroGain is only $89.95. (One bottle is a 30-day supply.) That's only $2.99 a day... less than you'll spend on a small cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Or get two bottles for only $159.95. (You save $19.95)

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Or get the best deal... four bottles of NitroGain for only $277.00. (You save $82.80)

It's easy to order…

Call us toll-free at 866-869-5392
to order NitroGain with your credit card.

(If calling from outside the US you can reach us at 706-854-4470).

Or you can order via our secure online shopping cart system below.

Our initial supply of NitroGain is pretty limited. Since the production cost is quite high (and the research costs have almost put me "in the hole") I was really limited in how much I could initially manufacture.

So order right now to make sure you get your order in before we sell out.

If you don't get your order in right away, you'll be placed on our backorder list and will be forced to wait several weeks (or months) until we're able to manufacture our next batch of NitroGain.

So don't wait! If you don't order right now, you'll probably get stuck on the backorder list. And the bodybuilders who did order early will be making crazy gains and passing you up!

Call us toll-free at 866-869-5392 right now to place your order. Or order below on our secure online shopping cart..

Try NitroGain Completely Risk-Free

I honestly believe you're going to be completely blown away by the gains you'll get with NitroGain.

But if for any reason you're not completely happy with the product… I'll refund 100% of the money you invested.

You don't have to jump through hoops, fill out stupid paperwork… or do anything else. Simply return the unused portion of the product (or even the empty bottles if you used it all) and we'll issue a 100% refund.

You won’t be hassled or forced to answer a million questions by some "bulldog" customer service rep. Your word is good enough for me.

I want you to try NitroGain totally risk free. If you don't feel it was worth the investment, we'll give you back every single penny you invested.

So don't delay. Order today.

I can hardly wait to hear about the rapid results you're going to get with NitroGain!


Rick Gray
A.S. Research Labs

P.S. I almost forgot…

When you order 2 or more bottles of NitroGain within the next 7 days… you'll get my just-released report entitled, "The 30-Day Site Specific Growth Blast." This underground report (never before published anywhere) will show you exactly how to trigger rapid muscle mass increases in any body part you want to specialize on.

The secrets revealed in this brand new report are the exact same ones used by a former NABBA Mr. Universe to bring up his lagging pecs so quickly… the judges actually accused him of getting implants!

If this report were available for sale, it would be priced for at least $40.00. But you cannot buy this report anywhere. The only way you can get your hands on "The 30-Day Site Specific Growth Blast" is by investing in two or more bottles of NitroGain within the next 7 days... or while supplies last.

So call us right now at 866-869-5392 or place your order below on our secure online system.

P.P.S. NitroGain works even better when taken with our other popular product, Hyper Gain. The combination works synergistically and greatly increases the effectiveness of each product. If you're already taking Hyper Gain, you'll be blown away by the results of this stack.

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