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All of the books and programs listed below are available ONLY by digital delivery or online access.

You will receive INSTANT ACCESS to these programs as soon as you send your order.

All of these products are delivered via digital delivery. This means NO PRINTED COPY WILL BE SENT!

Mass Gaining Programs

Psycho-Burst Training System

Psycho-Burst™ Training System
Massively muscled Mr. Universe reveals his highly unusual bodybuilding secrets for building maximum muscle... in minimum time.

Includes manual, audio interview & online video.

Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training
A completely different approach to bodybuilding that can build your physique to its maximum genetic potential.

A step-by-step guide that teaches you the secrets, tips, and techniques you need to know to build a chiseled, muscular, ripped, head-turning physique...FAST!





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