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Struggling To Make The Gains You Should?
This Could Be The Shocking Reason Why …

An Open Letter To Every Bodybuilder Who Secretly Believes His Workouts Are NOT Intense Enough …

Dear Friend,

Let’s be honest …

You're NOT satisfied … are you?

You want MORE …

More reps. More sets. More weight on the bar. More gains …

And we both know the more intense your workouts—the FASTER you’ll see incredible results!

We all want …

    • To tear into the gym laser-focused
    • Charge the barbell like a raging bull …
    • Slam more plates onto the bar …
    • And viciously attack each set like it’s the last rep we’ll ever power through!

It’s that type of intensity that practically FORCES your muscles to grow and the fat to melt off your body like butter in a microwave.

How Do You Get Elite Bodybuilder Intensity
Without Using Dangerous And Illegal Substances?

The pro’s know workout intensity is THE critical factor that separates the winners from the losers

That’s why they take specially made steroids with extremely short “half lives” known to trigger extreme aggression during workouts (the half-life of the substance measures how long it is active in your body) …

Problem is: these same substances which are only supposed to exert their effects during workouts trigger aggression outside the gym too. (Mike Tyson was rumored to have been using a substance like this when he bit off Holyfield’s ear during that infamous boxing match!)

Plus, we all know steroids are illegal and carry the same penalties as possession of other narcotics like cocaine … not to mention the potential side-effects like bitch-tits and complete testosterone shutdown …

So what can a natural, hard-core bodybuilder use to jack up intensity?

The key is finding a pre-workout agent that actually works ...

5 Reasons Why Most Pre-Workout Supplements SUCK …

I tried all the pre-workout supplements available on the market today, and ALL of them sucked.

Here are the five biggest reasons:

Reason #1:
They Simply Did NOT Work!

Most were based around some unproven “compound” and combined with a tried & true supplement like Creatine.

Yup, nothing more than high doses of caffeine and creatine along with some other nasty ingredients we’ll get to in a minute …

And 90% of them just didn’t work!

That makes them a total waste of money—nothing you couldn’t get from drinking a few cups of strong coffee and taking a serious muscle builder like Hyper Gain!

Reason #2:
They Are Loaded With Physique Destroying Sugars!

Truth is …

You’ll never look like a bodybuilder unless you’re big … AND … ripped. That means you gotta keep your body-fat super low too …

But of the 10% of the pre-workout formulas that had some effect—100% of them were jam-packed with maltodextrin and other simple carbs—many with a Glycemic Index HIGHER than straight sugar!

I guess they thought packing a pre-workout supplement with 90% sugar would give you an extra “jolt” before you hit the gym … but … all it’s gonna do is cover the muscle you work so hard for with ugly fat.

(Plus, new research is showing every time you “bulk up” and gain fat along with muscle—it makes it harder and harder to ever get lean again … because … you’re actually MULTIPLYING the number of fat cells in your body with each bulk!)

And for this reason alone—the other 10% of pre-workout formulas didn’t make the cut.

Reason 3:
They’re Packed With Toxic Artificial Flavors and Colors!

Look: we all want to look great … but … it’s not worth your health.

I recently had a SERIOUS health scare … requiring emergency surgery to stop a serious disease … and since then I’ve been cutting as many processed foods, and artificial ingredients out of my diet as possible.

That includes avoiding EVERYTHING I see with artificial flavors, coloring, or otherwise factory-made ingredients

Because ALL that junk is pure TOXIC for your body … and … you may not see the effects right away but train hard enough and long enough while taking enough of that crap … and … it WILL eventually catch up with you.

Besides—here’s the real reason all those artificial colors and flavors are in there …

Reason #4:
They’re 99% FILLERS That
Do NOTHING For Your Workouts!


Shady supplement companies know you only need a small amount of the right ingredients to jack up workout intensity … so … they fill the rest of the canister with flavored, artificial fillers and sugars to give it some “weight”.

Then they can put a big bottle up on the shelf and get more eyeballs in retail stores … AND … get more of your hard-earned money … even though … over 90% of the ingredients are just junk fillers.

(That’s why you have to mix that junk with over 16 ounces of pure water in most cases—because it takes that much water to “dilute” the ingredients enough to even be half-way absorbed by your body!)

All that water … along with Reason #5 wreaks HAVOC on your digestive system though …

Reason #5:
They Give You NASTY Gastrointestinal Side-Effects!

The bottom line is: you can’t train with the steel-bending intensity you want if you’re constantly running to the bathroom …

… And you can’t focus on smashing your 1-rep record in ANY lift if you’re worried all the straining is going to go straight into your underwear!

But most pre-workout supplements WILL cause you serious stomach and bowel problems because of the reasons we just covered:

1. They’re loaded with artificial flavors/colors …

2. They’re packed with fillers …

3. And many contain mega-doses of magnesium!

Magnesium is an important mineral for athletes … but … the way it’s loaded into these pre-workout garbage supplements will have you heading for the bathroom in between sets (if you’re lucky enough to make it to the bathroom!)

After being outright DISGUSTED with the multiple pre-workout supplements on the market … I started researching the perfect ingredients … and ... got to work on the ideal pre-workout agent right away.

The Ultimate Pre-Workout Agent
For SERIOUS Athletes!

Here’s exactly why this pre-workout supplement is the BEST workout supplement for hardcore trainers like us:

REASON #1: It works (Almost) Instantly!

That’s right!

Because it’s not a pill, but a dissolvable powder that mixes into liquid—your body absorbs it ultra-fast and it goes to work feeding your muscles and neurological system EXACTLY what you need to maximize workout intensity right away.

The bottom line? You WILL feel the effects of FURY in 45 minutes or less!

REASON #2: No artificial fillers, toxic, “fat-gaining” or useless ingredients!

Everything that is in FURY is there for one purpose, and one purpose only, to give you the best workouts of your life!

There are no artificial fillers, only small amounts of natural flavoring, and no insulin spiking (and fat storing!) substances that destroy your physique!

Just the nutrients you need, when you need them most!

REASON #3: Contains the most cutting-edge and EFFECTIVE pre-workout ingredients in existence!


The Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate in this formula promotes growth hormone and insulin secretion with anabolic effects! Perfect pre-workout when these muscle-building and fat burning hormones need to be optimized!

PLUS, this same ingredient helps you …


Because this particular ingredient has displayed beneficial effects in promoting recovery from trauma (read: intense workouts!) Researchers hypothesize it may enhance host-defense mechanisms, particularly during injury and acute stress.


Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate along with citruline malate jacks up your production of NO so you get muscle-gorging pumps, more blood flow, and more performance out of every muscle you train in the gym!


It also reduces the levels of lactic acid, and helps to eliminate them from your body more quickly and more efficiently—meaning you can train harder and longer before feeling the “burn” and crank out even more reps!


The potent combination of Beta Alanine, the NO potentiators and class-leading Kre-Alkalyn Creatine means you’ll be pushing more weight, for more reps, each set, and still keep going!


The combination of these maximum-strength ingredients will put you in the “zone” every time … where you set new PR’snew maxes … and … train with the type of intensity that makes everyone else in the gym wonder “what you are on”!


You know the other supplements don’t stack up …

And you know this one promises to take your workouts to a whole new level … so the only question is …

What’s Your Investment Here?

If you’re seeing this message … then … you’re on my exclusive insiders-only “hot list” of serious bodybuilders … and … you signed up to get the details on this breakthrough before anyone else.

That means you get a better deal and here’s why:

As you can see—although myself and my closest friends, fitness experts, and others I know personally have used this product and seen AMAZING results—because it’s a new product—we don’t have ANY awesome testimonials.

That’s where YOU come in …

The retail price for FURY is $79 per bottle … and … even at that price it’s a bargain!

But, if you’ll promise to send me an email with your specific results during your FIRST use of the product … then … you’ll get a serious deal (better than anyone else is getting).


1. Get your supply today

2. Take it 45 minutes before your first workout

3. Record EXACTLY how it made you feel … AND … any performance enhancement you see at the gym that day …

And send that email to me at richardgray@anabolicsecrets.com!

If you will agree to send me your "testimonial" email, here’s the deal …

You Get a Hardcore 40% Discount!


Instead of the normal $79 everyone else will pay—you can get this breakthrough pre-workout agent for only $47!

Even better: the more you grab, the more you save

In fact, the BEST deal is the “Buy 3 and Get 1 FREE!” offer!

But you might want to just get one of each flavor because what makes this product even MORE kick-ass is …

You Choose Between 5 Amazing Flavors!

That’s right! This isn’t a pre-workout drink you’re going to have to hold your nose and choke down.

In fact, I promise that you’ll absolutely LOVE at least one of the FIVE different flavors FURY comes in …

• There’s delicious FRUIT PUNCH

• Mouth-watering GREEN APPLE

• The amazing ORANGE flavor …

• Lip-smacking GRAPE

• And a killer RASBERRY flavor!

So no matter what your taste buds prefer—you’ll find it with FURY!

As if that wasn’t good enough—as always with AS Research—you risk NOTHING with this deal because …

You Must FEEL The “Fury”
Each And Every Workout
Or It’s FREE!

Here's my personal promise to you...

Take FURY for 8 weeks and you'll...

...FEEL the laser-focus in the gym …

...FEEL more intense strength when you grab the bar …

...and you’ll SEE more intensity, strength, muscle size and definition

But if for some strange reason you don't... simply send us the empty bottles for a full no-hassle money back refund of your purchase price.

I can offer such a no-risk guarantee because I know, after using this product every single month, that you’ll experience results that almost defy belief!

That means you risk NOTHING and I’m putting all the pressure here on MY shoulders.

What could possibly be fairer than that?

So let’s wrap this up …

At This Point You Really Only Have THREE Choices ...

It’s pretty simple:

1. You can bury your head in the sand, ignore this breakthrough pre-workout agent, and continue to get “ok” gains from “ok” workouts …

2. You can try all the other pre-workout formulas on the market and suffer the horrible stomach cramps, diarrhea, and other side effects … and never know how much money you’re wasting (or how bad you’re jeopardizing your future health!) ingesting all the “fillers” and artificial crap they’re packed with …

3. Or you can make the small decision now to try this breakthrough intensity agent and bring a whole new level of power into your workouts …

Frankly—only ONE of these choices makes ANY sense at all.

With my 100%, iron-clad, “You get results or it’s FREE” guarantee—you risk NOTHING by acting today …

So click one of the order links below to order FURY NOW through our 100% secure shopping cart system.

Once you do that, in a very short time you’ll have your own personal supply and you’ll start cranking up your intensity in the gym starting your first dose … and damn-near GUARANTEEING amazing gains in the shortest time possible!

Thank you for reading this message.

All the best,

Rick Gray

Rick Gray
      A.S. Research

P.S. WARNING: When you get your personal supply of FURY and you tear it open to take your first dose before heading to the gym you must NOT use more than the recommend, precisely measured teaspoon dose we recommend!

Do NOT use a “rounded teaspoon” your first three times using this product.

Seriously. The ingredients are so pure, so powerful, and so potent … that … many “normal” people find even HALF of one of the ultra-concentrated servings is right for them.

I’m assuming you’re a hardcore trainer so you can take a full dose your first use—but please start with the measured—not rounded teaspoon your first workout (and remember to record your results and send them to me in an email because that is what qualifies you to get the best deal today!)



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