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Anabolic Secrets eJournal
Issue 16

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Nutrition Secrets For BIG Muscle Gains

Dear Friend,

The other day I revealed one of the biggest mistakes people
make in the gym that keeps them from gaining.

Today I'm going to reveal the biggest "OUTSIDE of the
gym" mistake most people are making... and it is
SEVERELY limiting your muscle gains.

Most people are not consuming enough protein to gain more muscle.

If muscular weight gain is your goal, try increasing your
protein intake to 1.5 grams or 2 grams per pound of body

If you're worried about putting on body fat, keep the carbs
to a 1:1 ratio, 40-60 grams protein and 40 to 60 grams carbs
five or six times daily.

Can you do this without protein supplements?

Sure, but it's a lot easier to eat three major food meals and
two or three minor ones, supplementing the minor ones with
a high quality complete protein shake or meal replacement

One of the easiest, yet most neglected ways to use protein
supplements to gain muscle is to take them right along with
your meals.

Is this too much protein at on time? Only if you want to
stay small!

Forget the myth that you should only use thirty grams of
protein at one time. You'll never get anywhere with that
kind of thinking. I think fifty grams or more per meal is
the way to get big!

All the best,

Rick Gray

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