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Anabolic Secrets eJournal
Issue 3

In This Issue...

"Don't Even Think About Using Anabolic
Steroids Until You've Read This!

Dear Friend,

I'm going to assume a few things about you since you subscribe to this eJournal for hardcore bodybuilders.

1. You're a bodybuilder and train regularly with weights.

2. You're more committed than the average guy who tosses some iron around in the gym every now and then.

3. Bodybuilding is more of a lifestyle for you (training, diet, etc.) than a hobby.

4. You're very "appearance conscious" (some people would call it "vain") and continually want to improve your appearance.

5. You've probably not made any significant gains in a very long time, possibly since you first started training.

6. You keep an open mind to any training, diet, supplement, or possibly pharmaceutical means of improving your physique.

7. You're an adult capable of making intelligent decisions when given all the proper information, and more importantly...you take responsibility for the consequences of your decisions. (Geez, you wouldn't believe how rare that is for most people nowadays!)

I especially hope #7 is true about you since we're going to discuss some "big boy/girl" things in this issue.

Should You Consider Using Anabolic Steroids?

It's probably a question you've been asking yourself for years if you've been training for any length of time.

Very shortly after I got bitten by the iron bug I started hearing about anabolic steroids. (Most of what I was told was wrong, by the way.) And for years I wondered if I should try them or not.

Here's some things to consider if you're thinking about adding anabolic steroids to your bodybuilding lifestyle.

First of all, if you live in the US, steroids are now a scheduled drug just like heroin or cocaine. Yes, my friend, Big Brother can put you in jail for more than a year for possessing these substances.

I don't know about many other countries but possessing anabolic steroids is a felony in the US.

Now, if you believe that you're a sovereign individual and this sovereignty is something endowed to you by your Creator, and the government has absolutely no right to legislate or dictate what you do with your own body...then the fact that steroid use is illegal won't matter to you.

But you still gotta realize the possible consequences. The US government does not recognize your God-given sovereignty and freedom and will put you in jail for not obeying their volumes and volumes of ridiculous laws.

Heck, they're putting a system in place right now that will not allow you to travel outside the US if you have bad credit! I'm not kidding! The system is being implemented right now in three major US airports!

OK, I know this newsletter is about bodybuilding and not about freedom, so I'll get back to the subject.

Bottom line, using, possessing, or ordering anabolic steroids without a prescription in the US can get you arrested and sent to jail.

If that little diatribe hasn't convinced you to forget about steroids, then also consider this...

It's My Most Humble, But Accurate Opinion That Nobody Under The Age of 24 Should Even Consider Using Steroids!

Here's why...

First of all, people age 15 through 24 are already a raging hormone factory. These are the ages to take advantage of your body's own abundant production of growth hormone and testosterone.

Second of all, (and I'm no doctor) I think it's best to not start messing with your hormone levels until you're a physically mature adult. Before then, you might risk doing some permanent damage.

Plus you should really use those years to train naturally and make as much gains as possible without anabolic steroids.

You should really be sure that you've gone about as far as you can go training without anabolic assistance before you even start to consider steroids. In my opinion this will take anywhere from 2 to 5 years of consistent dedicated training and constant adherence to correct bodybuilding nutrition principles.

If you haven't done that and you think steroids are going to be some magic bullet that lets you make gains with a haphazard training commitment and piss-poor diet...forget it. Go back to square one and start all over again, but this time with the discipline necessary to make proper gains.

There's plenty more things we need to talk about before you consider a cycle of anabolic steroids, but we'll cover more in the next issue.

Until then, click here if you really want a crash course in safe, effective anabolic steroid use. If you're even just thinking about using steroids then make sure you see this site.

Steroid-encyclopaedia is one of the best sources of honest, no BS steroid information. Click here to access one of the most comprehensive anabolic steroid resources on the net.

If you're seriously considering using steroids, Steroid Encyclopaedia has a list of tested and approved suppliers who you can order from with complete confidence that your order will arrive safely and without Big Brother sticking his nose into your packages.

I'm not endorsing or recommending steroid use. That is a decision you have to make for yourself.

But before you make that decision, make sure you're thoroughly informed. Click here to access all the information you'll ever need to make an intelligent and informed decision about anabolic steroid use.

Train hard,
Rick Gray


P.S. In addition to a high protein diet including a good high quality protein supplement, one of the most important things you can do is take Nitrobol immediately after your workouts. You're really missing out on an opportunity to accelerate your gains if you're not taking this product after your workouts. I refuse to train without it!

Click here for more information about Nitrobol.

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